1. Special door to door services

Minibus (up to 6)

The organiser of the conference offers minivan service from Budapest Ferihegy Airport to Veszprém (145 km - approximately 90 miles). The travel costs 35.000 HUF (approximately 125 Euro, 167 dollars) for 6 persons, from Vienna Airport it costs 42.000 HUF (155 Euro, 200 Euro). The price to be paid depends on the number of persons (up to 6) travelling together.


The taxi service for one or two people from Budapest Ferihegy Airport costs 27.800 HUF (approximately, 100 Euro, 132 dollars) from Vienna Schwechat Airport it costs 40.000 HUF (142 Euro, 190 dollars).
Depending on the flight schedules the organiser tries to arrange this service to transport several participants together.

To ensure this service, please send your flight schedule and then we will inform you about the amount of money to be paid.

2. Airport minibus

The ″airport minibus″ service (+36 1 296 8555) can also be used as a means of transport to get to Veszprém upon request. For further information, please visit its homepage:

You can make your booking online: www.countyorder.airportshuttle.hu/rendeles_start.php

3. Public bus transport to information

In order to travel to Veszprém from the Ferihegy Airport you have to go the Budapest bus station called „Népliget”.
To get from Budapest Ferihegy Airport to the bus station, „Népliget” please follow these steps:
- take bus no. 93 (Airport Bus) to the terminal (K